Educational Outreach

As a federally funded National Resource Center, CMES provides scholarly expertise and educational resources to the public
Pictured above: Megan Kuensting from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's School Partnerships Program presents at the 10th annual University of Chicago International Education Conference on November 3, 2017


The need to spread awareness of the Middle East and wider Islamic world grows each day. Through our educational outreach program, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies has served the public interest as a federally funded National Resource Center since 1973. In addition to coordinating teaching and research on this vital world area, the Center provides expertise, resources, and instructional aids to K-12 and post-secondary educators, civic and religious groups, museums and libraries, the public and private sectors, and the news media. Teacher workshops, curriculum consulting, in-service presentations, and public lectures are among the programs CMES develops and organizes to fulfill its core mission to enhance public knowledge and understanding of the Middle East, past and present.

CMES' educational outreach program -- the Middle East Education Initiative -- is funded in part by a 2018-22 Title VI National Resource Center grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Sign up fo the CMES Educators listserv for educational resources and opportunities related to the Middle East!

CMES is a member of the Middle East Outreach Council, a national network of educators dedicated to disseminating apolitical and nonpartisan information, resources and activities furthering understanding about the Middle East, including the Arab world, Israel, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan.

CMES also hosts the Chicago Arabic Teachers Council (CATC), a grass-roots organization committed to serving the professional interests and needs of the diverse community of public and private K-12 Arabic educators and their students in the city of Chicago and surrounding area. The CATC’s activities include workshops, conferences, and performances organized by and for K-12 and post-secondary Arabic teachers, textbook writers, educational administrators, and students. 


If you are looking for CMES curriculum resources, professional development opportunities, or language resources, please contact Thomas Maguire.