Past Othman Lectures

Spring 2022

May 18, 2022  |  6pm  |  David Rubenstein Forum 

Daring to Dream: Arab Americans Beyond Racism and War

Nadine Naber, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Professor, Gender and Women's Studies; Global Asian Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Fall 2020

December 9  |  5pm  |  Online Event

The Hundred Years' War on Palestine
A History of Settler Colonial Conquest & Resistance, 1917-2017

Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies, Columbia University

Spring 2019

May 15
6:30pm  |  International House Assembly Hall 
8:00pm  |  Iftar  |  Ida Noyes Hall

At an Impasse: Understanding the "Deal of the Century"

Noura Erakat, Associate Professor of Africana Studies, Rutgers

Spring 2018

May 2  |  4:30pm  |  Saieh Hall, Room 146

Palestinian Cultural Resistance from the Nakba to Today

Dr. Maha Nassar, Associate Professor, Modern Middle East History, Islamic Studies, The University of Arizona

Spring 2017

May 11  |  5:30pm  |  University of Chicago Gleacher Center

The Media, the Middle East and the Myth of Sectarianism

Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC

Spring 2015

April 24  |  5pm  |  Saieh Hall, Room 146

The Turkish Complex: Bigman, Hero, Traitor

Jenny White, Professor of Anthropology, Boston University 

Winter 2015

January 21  |  5:30pm  |  International House Assembly Hall

Iranian Intellectuals and the Islamic Revolution 
Then and Now

Ali Banuazizi, Research Professor, Boston College

Autumn 2013

November 13  |  5pm  |  Social Sciences 122

Egypt in Revolution: When all is politics and few think seriously about the parlous state of the economy  

Roger Owen, A. J. Meyer Professor of Middle East History, Harvard 

Autumn 2012

November 7  |  5:30pm  |  International House Assembly Hall

When Islamists Rule: Economic Policies between Ideology and Pragmatism  

Ibrahim Warde, Adjunct Professor of International Business, Tufts University