Language Circles

CMES supports the regular language circles in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish.  Check each circle's webpage for information about weekly presenters, discussion topics, and meeting times during the fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Arabic Circle

The Arabic Circle is a weekly lecture in Arabic at the University of Chicago's Center for Middle Eastern Studies. This lecture series includes social, cultural and academic discussions about the Arabic-speaking world and is led by faculty, students and visiting scholars. The Arabic Circle site has an extensive audio archive of past events. The opinions of the speakers are their own. 

Armenian Circle

For information on Armenian Circle email Hripsime Haroutunian  (

Armenian circle meets every other week to watch Armenian or Armenia related films, listen to lectures on some topic that provides information about Armenia's culture and history, practice Armenian language while indulging in Armenian cuisine, etc. Students also have a chance to make their own presentations. Field trips to Armenian community centers or restaurants are also organized to practice spoken Armenian, as well as “special hands-on classes” in Armenian cuisine.

Persian Circle

The Persian Circle is a weekly lecture series in Persian at the University of Chicago’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. The lectures include social, cultural and academic discussions about the Persian-speaking world and is led by faculty, students, and visiting scholars and artists. The opinions of the speakers are their own. 

Hebrew Circle

For information on Hebrew Circle email Ari L. Almog (

Current Hebrew language activity in the CMES community is the Bamba Society, an Israeli film club that meets every two weeks. All movies have English subtitles and depict the many diverse groups that make up Israeli society. Israeli snacks are served at every meeting. All are welcome!

Turkish Circle

For information on Turkish Circle email Kagan Arik (

Turkish Circle is a voluntary student organization that promotes Turkish conversation in an informal setting, as well as events such as films, lectures, presentations and discussions in Turkish, and other items of cultural interest such as concerts, dinners and excursions.

Informal conversation practice groups also meet for Arabic, Persian (Sofreh), and Turkish (Sohbet).