Chicago Studies on the Middle East

CMES is proud to the support the Chicago Studies on the Middle East book series.  Series volumes represent leading research from a variety of disciplines.

Book titles include:

  • Land Tenure, Fiscal Policy, and Imperial Power in Medieval Syro-Egypt
    By Daisuke Igarashi
  • The Criminal Underworld in a Medieval Islamic Society: Narratives from Cairo and Damascus under the Mamluks
    By Carl F. Petry
  • Jordan in the Late Middle Ages: Transformation of the Mamluk Frontier
    By Bethany J. Walker
  • Commemorating the Nation: Collective Memory, Public Commemoration, and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Egypt
    By Israel Gershoni and James Jankowski
  • Revolutionary Melodrama: Popular Film and Civic Identity in Nasser's Egypt
    By Joel Gordon
  • Power and Patronage in Medieval Syria: The Architecture and Urban Works of Tankiz al-Nasiri
    By Ellen Kenney
  • Imperial Power and Maritime Trade: Mecca and Cairo in the Later Middle Ages
    By John L. Meloy
  • Ismaili and Fatimid Studies in Honor of Paul E. Walker
    Edited by Bruce D. Craig
  • Palestine in the Evolution of Syrian Nationalism (1918-1920)
    By Muhannad Salhi
  • The Wine of Love and Life: Ibn al-Farid's al-Khamriyah and al-Qaysari's Quest for Meaning
    Edited, Translated, and Introduced by Th. Emil Homerin