Rethinking the Margins in Arabic Literary Studies

"Rethinking the Margins in Arabic Literary Studies"

A workshop at the University of Chicago

April 6-7 2018

This event will gather scholars who are charting new directions in Arabic literary studies.  Recent work has begun to reorient the centers and peripheries in our understanding of modern Arabic literature.  Long-held notions of national legacies in literature, and the major figures associated with them, have given way to a greater emphasis on transnational flows, diaspora, and difference. This workshop offers a timely intervention in the field and will welcome leaders among a new generation of Arabic literary scholars. 

The “Rethinking the Margins” workshop will take place during the day on April 6 and 7, and will feature scholars whose work pushes the boundaries of Arabic studies in new interdisciplinary, transnational, or transhistorical directions. Presenters will pre-circulate drafts of their essays to everyone at the workshop, so new work in progress will be encouraged. Papers will interrogate traditional divisions of time, genres and geography, and scholarship that brings to the field new and critical approaches to periodization, place, diasporas, and modes of writing.

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