Past MA Theses

CMES MA Theses Titles 2014-2015


 “Khamenei as Political Theologian, Historian: The Case of Iranian Supreme Leader’s Friday Sermons (1997-2005)”

 “Soft Power in the Gulf Cooperation Council: the Case of Islamic Finance”

 “Ottoman Diplomatic Rhetoric During the ‘Western Crisis’, June 1875 to April 1877”

 “A Place of Knowledge: Knowledge Production and the Oriental Institute”

 “The Computer and the Qur’ān: An Analysis and Appraisal”

 “Judging the Mahdī: Islamicate Interpretations of Muḥammad Aḥmad al-Mahdī and His Mahdiyya in the Sudan: 1881-1898”

 “From Ensi to Lugal: Lugalzagesi and the Foundations of Mesopotamian Imperialism”

 “Disquieted Voices: The Poetry Debut of Rivka Basman, 1949-1959”

 “Intellect and Soul, Reason and Religion: An Analysis of the Philosophies of Abū Nasr al-Fārābī and Abū Ya’qūb al-Sijistānī”

 “An Omani Renaissance: The Development of the Sultanate and the Building of National Identity under Sultan Qaboos”

 “On Nasser: Asserting Egyptian Nationalism through Educational Reforms”

 “Maʿārij Al-Ibdāʿ: Reading and Translating Ghassan Kanafani’s Earliest Stories”

 “Territorial Expansion in Northern Syria: A Look into the Politics of the Third Millennium”

 “Middle Arabic of the Chalcedonians and Theories of Language Diversification”

Social Science:

 “Flying Compliant: The Role of Islamic Finance in Gulf Aviation”

 “Hezbollah’s Islamic Health Unit: A GIS Analysis of Health Care in South Lebanon”

 “The Kurdistan Regional Government in U.S. Foreign Policy”

 “Portrait of the Artist as a Strange Man: Rhetorical Conquest in Guillaume-Joseph Grelot’s Travel Narratives”

 “The Unpaved Road to Iraq: An Analysis of the Economic Reconstruction of Iraq Post-2003”

 “Claiming Universal Sovereignty through the Power of Eternal God in the Mongol Submission Letters and Rashīd al-Dīn”

 “The Brief Experiment: Political Liberalization and the Constitutional Monarchical System in Jordan, 1952-1957”

 “Criminalization of Dé-jeûneurs in Morocco”

 “The Idea and the Sword: The Religious Justifications and Textual Lineage of the Islamic State Beheadings”

 “Deconstructing the Paradox City: Tehran Between Islam and Modernity”

2013-2014 CMES MA Thesis Titles

“Analyzing Non-State Actor Terrorist Groups in a Realist Power Framework: al-Qaeda as a Balancing Actor against the Threat of the United States”

“Apocalypse Now? Contemporary Mahdist Trends in Post-Invasion Iraq”

“The Role of National Identity in Palestinian Israeli Politics”

“Iranian Media Presentation of Secular Third-Worldism”

“Following the Money: A Study of the United States Legal Framework of the Prohibition of Terrorism Financing through an Assessment of Hezbollah and the IRA”

“’Our Hearts are Proud that Among us are Still Xoomei Singer’: Throat Singing, Shamanism, and the Survival of Tuvan Cultural Identity”

“Imaging Palestine: the Press, Public Sphere, and Nationalism in the Second Constitutional Period, 1908-1914”

“Imaging the Lebanese Nation”

“The ‘Civil State’ in Egyptian Political Thought”

“A New Lion and an Obsolete Resurrection: The Evolving Discord in Syria between Bashar al-Asad and the Ba’th Party”

“Towards an Alternative Modernity: Language and Secularization in Tunisia”

“Hebron, 1929, the Farhud, and Jewish Communities in the Twentieth Century Middle East”

“Of Dialect and Dromedaries: The Role of Bedouin on the Linguistic Arabization of the Middle East”

"Separating the State from Religion: Exploring Trends in Political Secularist Discourse in Twentieth-Century Egypt"

“The Zionist Narrative and Jewish DP Immigration Desires after World War II”

“Internal Enemies and Internal Narratives: Constructing Endogenous Threats in Antichrist Apocalypses”

“Velayat-e takvini: Examining the Mystical Influences within Khomeini’s Formation of Islamic Governance”

“Streets of Baghdad: The War Waged between ‘Ayyarun and the Government during the Buyid and Seljuq Eras”

“Anavatandaslar: Motherhood  and Kemalist Modernity in Gurbuz Turk Cocugu, 1926-1936”

“Uncovering the Umayyads: Comparing Representations of Abu Sufyan in the Works of al-Tabari, Ibn al-Athir and Ibn ‘Asakir”

“Ahmad Zarruq’s Qawa’id al-tasawwuf: At Once Timely and Timeless”

“Between Modernization and Centralization: Disciplining the Arab ShiʿA in Basra and Baghdad during the Hamidian Period”

“Joining the Caravan of Martyrs: Arab Foreign Fighters in Afghanistan, 1980-1992”

“Chen Cheng: A Ming Diplomat to the Timurids and a Full Translation of his Xiyu Fanguo Zhi”

"Kerygmatic History, the Axial Age, and 'The Historian as Theologian:' Marshall Hodgson's Last Word"

“Spectacle and Soundscape: Narrative, Authority, and Ethical Formations in the Arab Spring”

“The Curious Case of the Black Sheep: A Critical Assessment of the Study of Qara Quyūnlū Turkmen Tribe”

“The Evolution of English in Morocco: English as a Lingua Franca and the Liberal Model of Media in Morocco World News”

“In the Shadow of the Twelfth Imām: Contestation During the Lesser Occultation”

2012-2013 CMES MA Theses

“Israel’s Military Ethos And The War With Lebanon”

“Reforming Feminine Bodies Through Ottoman Fashions: Ottoman Dress On Women’s Rights Activists Of The Late Eighteenth And Early Nineteenth Centuries”

“Navigating Popular Creed And Institutional Religion In The Buddho-­‐Islamic Discourse Of Wang Diyu And The Indian Master Ashige”

“Reading And Rereading, Turning And Returning: A Safavid Khamsa Beyond Narratives Of Text And Image”

“The Changing Status Of Algerian Women: Preserving Culture And Rejecting A
Universal Standard Of Equality”

“Dinshaway And The Formation Of The Collective Martyr-­‐Hero In Neo-­Classical Arabic Poetry”

“The Sources Of Hezbollah’s Missile Policy”

“From Safavids To Soviets: The Soviet Azeri Appropriation Of Safavid

“Hāshim B. Hakim’s Kool-Aid And The Khurāsānian Affair: Al-Muqanna‘’S Revolt, 775- 780”

“The Role Of Women In The Jordanian Islamic Finance Industry: 2000-­‐2008”

“National Saviors Or Looming Threat: The Muslim Brotherhood In Jordan, 1989-­2013”

“Where Waterbury Went Wrong: Tracing the Story of the Nile Basin’s Water

“Al-Ghazali on Ijtihad: an Analysis and Translation of a Section from al-Mustasfa min ‘ilm al-Usul”

“U.S. Embassy Cairo and the Development of 21st Century Public Diplomacy”

“The Many Conquests of Constantinople: Ottoman Nostalgia, Neoliberalism and
Placemaking in Contemporary Istanbul”

“The Resources ‘Great Game’ in Africa: Chinese Economic Interests in Libya”

“Hagiography in Dialogue with Potemics: The Copto-Arabic Lives of Patriarch Mattā’us, Anbā Ruways, and Marqus al-Anṭūnī in Mamluk Egypt”

“al-Manār: A Manual for Islamic Learning”

“Manases: an Armenian Family in the Service of the Ottoman Empire as Court Painters and Diplomats, Their Contributions to the Art Scene and to Imperial Identity Construction”

“The Sign of the Hour: Hezbollah, the Apocalypse, and the Figure of Jesus”

“Signaling Non-alignment: Conceptualizing Nasser’s Relationship with Egyptian

2011-2012 CMES MA theses titles

“The Impact of American Aid Policy in Turkey: the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan”

“Negotiating Life With The Back-Home Husband: Women, Marriage, and Identity in the Arab-Muslim Diaspora”

“Tut in Tahir: The Role of Pharaonic Images in 21st Century Egypt”

 “Nationalism and Revolution: The Algerians, 1926-1954”

“Pashtunwali: Code of the Introverted Warrior”

“Cosmic Order: Islamic Eschatology and Political Legitimacy within the Sokoto Caliphate”

“Through the Eyes of Hizbullah (1985-1992): New Perspectives for the Field”

“Education for Life: Reform in Iraq’s Public Schools, 1927-1941”

“State Formation and Eurasian Nomads: A Re-evaluation”

“The Intellectual Vision and the Fundamental Methodology of the Islamist Movement in Tunisia: An Annotated Translation of al-ru’ya al-fikriya wa al-manhaj al-usuli li harakat al-ittijah al-islami biTunis”

“Zionism in the Twenty-First Century: The Ayalim Association, New Spirit, and the New Guardian”

“To Phos and Western Civilization: The Position of a Greek-language Newspaper in the First Years of the Turkish Republic”

“A Leading Reformist Cleric of Qajar Iran: Shaykh Hadi Najmabadi’s Advocacy of Reason and Akhlaq and His Opposition to Authority and Taqlid in the Liberation of the Wise Men

“Ghassan Kanafani’s Literary Zionism: Translation and Commentary”

“Zionism, Turkish Nationalism and the Ladino Community: How One Ladino Newspaper Encouraged Ottoman Sephardi Jews to Speak Turkish”

“The Professional Life and Educational Vision of Marshall Hodgson”

“Finding A Voice of One’s Own: Female Homosexuality in Turkey, A History and Representations”

“Reading Parsipur Through the Eyes of Hedayat’s Blind Owl: Tracing the Origins of Magical Realism in Modern Persian Prose”

“Transjordanian Mukhtars: The Coalescence of State and Tribe”

2010-2011 CMES MA Theses

Independent Social & Security Structures in Counterinsurgency: Al-Qaeda in al-Anbar Province

The Difficulties of Terrorist WMD Production: What Aum Shinrikyo Teaches Us About al-Qaeda

From Dėtente to Deadlock: Early Negotiations and the Diplomatic Battle for Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh, 1994-1996

In Energy We Trust: Natural Gas Companies and the Israeli-Lebanese Commitment Problem

The Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: An Evaluation of the Nature and Extent of the ‘Refugee Crisis’

Women and the Economy in Bahrain: Women’s Participation in the Workforce

Fully Armed and Operational, A GIS Viewshed and Weapons Fan Analysis of al-Subayba Fortress

The ABC’s of Privatization: A Case Study of the Al Ahram Beverages Company in Egypt

A State of Disarray: Patronage and Development in Pre-Revolutionary Libya

‘Abd al-Qadir ibn Muhyi al-Din al-Jaza’iri: A Seeker of Truth

Prelude to Genocide: A Historical Analysis of the Anfal Operations, 1988

From Natasha to Rebecca: Shifting Narratives of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution in Israel

The Search for Dissidence in Syria: A Losevian Analysis of Saadallah Wannous’ ‘The Glass Café’, ‘The King’s Elephant’, and ‘The King is King’

Power Projection and Legitimacy Under the Saffarids

‘Shades of Grey’: Cervantes, Religion, and Seventeenth-Century Spain’s Relationship with the Ottoman Empire

A New Analysis of the Early Campaigns of Agha Mohammad Khan and the Unification of the Qajar Confederation, 1779-1785

Speech that Moves: Speech and Gesture in Readings of a Contemporary Khutba

Jewish Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

A House Divided: Egypt and the Question of Palestine, 1945-1948

The Kitab al-Qira’at of Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Sayyari and Political Quietism in Imami Shi’ism

Sabbatianism and its Effects on European Jewish Endeavors Toward Modernity: Individualism, Exile, and Rebellion

Rethinking the Iron Wall: The Deterrence Narrative and Ha’aretz During the 2006 Lebanon War

The Crafting of the Turkish Citizenry: An Exploration of the Origins of the Kemalist Construction of National Citizenship Identity at the Lauzanne Peace Conference 1922-1923

Jews in the Rhetoric and Propaganda of the Islamic Revolution in Iran

Verbal Efforts to Construct Religious and Cultural Ideologies in Uzbekistan: A Detailed Analysis of Uzbek President Islam Karimov’s Publicly Delivered Speeches

2009-2010 CMES MA Theses

For Mesrutiyet Pasa: Lutfi Fikri Bey and Venues of Opposition in the Second Constitutional Period (1908-1913)

Navigating Modernization: Developing Istanbul’s Nineteenth Century Mass Transit Network

The Rentier State: Can Iraq Challenge the Paradigm?

Sino-Persian Reconciliation in the Twentieth Century

’A Dirty and Very Mean Game’: Iraq’s Reaction to the Iran-Contra Scandal

Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties between the United States and the Middle East: Exploring their Paucity and Options for Future Growth

Towards an Understanding of Edward Said’s Palestinian Nationalism

The Tartar Hammer: 13th c Mongol Invasions of Piast Poland and the Creation of the Antemurale Christianitatis

Denied the Freedoms of Thought, Expression, and Publication without Limit or Exception

’Ali Ibn Ridwan: Drawing Boundaries for Medical Knowledge

Normative Persuasion: Morocco, Human Rights and Civil Society Empowerment in Western Sahara

Qan, dam, cis: Turko-Mongol and Islamic Views of Blood in Central Asia in the Middle Period and Beyond

Nationalism and Tourism: Reflections of Jordanian Nationalist Narratives on Historical Sites

Bridging Africa and Europe: The Role of Immigration in Libya’s Foreign Policy

Ottoman and European: Rhetoric and Reform in Khalil Ghanim’s Publications (1876-1903)

Lithography, a Process of Translation and the Object of the Book in Islamic Art

Criminal Justice in Nineteenth Century Egypt: The Role of Majlis Al-Ahkam in the Shift from Islamic to Secular Law