MA Theses Titles

2016-2017 CMES MA Theses Titles

 “Sawt al-Arab: Pan-Arabism, Nationalism, Cross Cultural Exchange and the Diva”

“The Aden Riots of 1947: Tracing Connections between Yemen and Palestine”

“Accepted Oppression: A Call to Reexamine the Iran-Iraq War through the Lens of Iraqi Shi’a Human Rights”

“Dimensions of Discrimination: Zionism and Apartheid South Africa”

“The Early US-Palestinian Encounter, Social Mobility and Village Life through the Eyes of a Child: On The Diaries of Khalil Totah

“The Impact of Urbanization on Cultural Heritage in Heart, Afghanistan: A GIS Analysis”

“Nationalism on the Periphery: Interactions between Authoritarianism and Exile Opposition during Gadhafi Era Libya”

“Group Rights and Sub-group Rights: The State of Israel’s Sectarian Policy and Its Impact on the National Consciousness of Its Palestinian Citizens between 1948 and 1956”

“Turkey’s Ambivalent Minority: Situating the Alevis within Çaǧaptay’s Zones of Turkishness”

“Emancipated but Unliberated: Reexamining the Women’s Question from the Perspective of 19th Century Women Ottoman Intellectuals”

“Wailing Women in the Streets of Kūfa: Mourning Ritual and the Origins of Twelver Shī’ī Identity”

“Leninism is Dead! Long Live Lenin! Karimov and Temür as Uzbekistan’s Two Bodies”

“Pierced Ceramics at Idalion, Cyprus: The Case of Pottery from the Sanctuary on the Terrace of the East Acropolis”

“Modernizing Sufism: Religious Competition, Choice, and State Limitations in Post-Revolutionary Cairo”

“The Making of a Northern Prophecy: Conceptions of Israel and Redactional Stratification in the Book of Amos”

“Cultural Diffusion and Agency during the Uruk Expansion”

“The Forces of Nasserism: How Speech Moved a Nation”

“Fetishizing The Nation as a Dictator And Romance Novelist – Critical Reading of Saddam Hussein’s “Zabibah Wal-Malik” (Zabibah and the King) as a Third World National Allegory and a Comparative Analysis with Kim Il Sung’s “Kkot Panum Chon’yo” (The Flower Girl) of North Korea”

“A Tale of Two Philosophers: Christian Thought in Baghdad during the ‘Abbāsid Translation Movement”

“Fact or Fiction: Women’s Rights and Moroccan Progressivism in the Post-Colonial Period”

“Points of Contact: Mutual Exchange in the Vocalization Traditions of Syriac, Arabic, and Hebrew”

“A Preliminary Study of Shengwu Qinzheng Lu and Its Implications on the Historiography of the Mongol Empire”

“A Woman’s Place: The Interaction of Women with Property in the Ur III Period”                                               

 “Post-Classical Hanafi Legal Theory: The Cash Waqf in Relation to the Ottoman State”

“The Balance of a King: Selectorate Theory and Power Dynamics in Jordan”                                                  

“I Dwell on Your Love in Day and Night: An Analysis of Gendered Roles in Wisdom Literature and Love Songs”         

 “Islamic Finance and Socially Responsible Investing: Sukuk as Instruments of Impact”

2015-2016 CMES MA Theses Titles

"Nablus from Revolution to War: Ihsan al-Nimr and his Local History."

 “Going to the West: Responses to Orientalists in the Travels of al-Fāriyāq, ‘Īsā ibn Hishām, and a Pasha”

 “Ottoman-Polish Diplomatic Relations in the Time of Kanunī Sultan Suleymān”

 “Practices of Collective Memory and the ‘Cultures of Sectarianism’ in Syria between the 1860 Massacres and the 1925 Uprising”

 “Ethics and Social Utility in Islamic Law: A Survey of the Maqāṣidī Approach.”

 “A Divergence between Rhetoric and Reality: A Critical Analysis of Saudi Arabia and Its Legal System in Relation to Executions, 2015-16”

“FGC Asylum Seekers from Egypt and US Asylum Law: a Proposal for Reform”

 “On the Edge: Memory, Trauma, and Resilience Among Afghanistan’s Hazaras”

 “Number Marking Mismatches in Modern Armenian: a Distributed Morphology Approach”

 “After Operation Moses: The Failures of Ethiopian Assimilation in Israel”

 “Shaykhas, Preachers, and Founders: Understanding Women’s Higher Education, Primary Education, and Ritual Piety during the Mamluk Period”

 “A Review of the Mush’sha’ in Light of 15th Century Religious Trends”

“The Ghazi from Empire to Nahon; Sultan Mahmud Ghaznawi; and the Making of Muslim Nationalism in the Indian Subcontinent (1900-2000)”

 “Even Playing Field? The Lack of an Honest Broker and Its Impact on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations: 1991-2001”

 “Messengers in Sumerian Literature”

 “Islamic Art, Archaeology, and the Auction House: a Study of Supply and Demand of Islamic Ceramics over a Ten Year Period”

 “Defining Martyrdom in Late Antiquity: The Role of Martyrdom in Augustine’s Persecution of the Donatist Church”

“Mistress of Jubilation: A Re-examination of Hathor Votive Textiles”

“The Development of the First Egyptian Trade Networks with the Levant during the 4th-3rd Millenniums BCE”

“Creating Automatons: Regulation and the Individual in Bureaucratic Novels”

“Communities in Conflict: The Hunchakian Revolutionary Party 1890-1894”

“’The Devourers of the Bounty’: the Narrowing of Participatory Membership in the Islamic Conquest Polity”

“An Early Exploration of Assyrian Identity: Hormuzd Rassam in Nineteenth-Century England”