Hannah Kim, a second-year MA student, has received a prestigious Boren Fellowship to continue her study of Turkish language at the Azerbaijan University of Languages in Baku. Although she originally applied to study in Turkey, Hannah is excited for her eight-month program in Azerbaijan, as well as the opportunity to expand upon her current knowledge by delving into both the study of the Azeri language and the history and culture of a post-Soviet country. Following her time abroad, Hannah has committed to work within the U.S. government at the federal level for at least a year, a career path in which she has long held interest. While her time at CMES has made her less sure whether public service will be her long-term objective following the completion of the program, she is looking forward to comparing the similarities and differences between working in policy formation and government programming versus academic research. 

Hannah's interest in Turkish language and history stems from a study abroad experience in high school, during which she was struck by the ways in which the country's modernization efforts throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries offered perspective on similar processes in the United States. In particular, protests of tobacco workers in 2009-10 sparked questions about labor, political economy, and state-building that eventually led to her MA thesis project, which traces the history of the Tekel tobacco monopoly from the Ottoman period into that of the early Turkish Republic.

Please join us in congratulating Hannah!