Salma is native to the San Franscisco Bay Area but is the daughter of Egyptian immigrants from Cairo. She holds a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in International Studies from Dominican University of California. As an undergraduate, she spent an academic year studying abroad at Al Akhawayn University in Irfane, Morocco studying Arabic and politics of the MENA region. Her undergraduate thesis was titled "Bread, Freedom, & Social Justice: The Effect of Colonialism in the Arab World." Following her graduation, she worked as a paralegal at various nonprofits and immigration law firms, and assisted in preventing deportations and reuniting separated families. She currently works at the Islamic Scholarship Fund, a nonprofit that aims to improve American Muslim representation by providing scholarships, grants, and internships to Muslim students and young professionals entering law, policy, film, and media. Outside of work, she enjoys writing articles on Medium about postcolonialism and the first-generation American experience. At CMES, she is interested in learning about postcolonial theory and the impact of colonialism on the modern day Arab world. Inspired by her time abroad, Salma is passionate about deconstructing and abolishing colonial-era narratives of MENA and finding long-term sustainable solutions to issues in the region. 

Thesis: "Examining The Continued Effect of Colonial Institutions in the Arab World" (working title)

Year: 1 
Track: Modern

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