Baojun is obtained two BA degrees, the first from Sichuan International Studies University and the second from Bar-Ilan Universuty, majoring in Hebrew language and Jewish culture and history. He speaks Hebrew and has a good command of Advanced Arabic (reading). His research centers primarily on the social history of modern Israel/Palestine in the context of colonial and post-colonial history. More concretely, he specializes in socialist beliefs and practices, to the evolution of self-identification, and societal participation of marginalized groups with Arabic emblems since the rise of Zionism until current Israeli society. His research approach is highly varied, utilizing ethnology, sociology, and history. He is also interested in the intersection between China and the Middle East in terms of reciprocal soft power influence, Muslim and Jewish minority nationalities in China, and Chinese religious cult for the holy land. Post-CMES, Baojun plans to pursue a PhD. 

Year: 2
Track: Modern