MA Theses Titles

CMES MA Theses Titles 2014-2015


 “Khamenei as Political Theologian, Historian: The Case of Iranian Supreme Leader’s Friday Sermons (1997-2005)”

 “Soft Power in the Gulf Cooperation Council: the Case of Islamic Finance”

 “Ottoman Diplomatic Rhetoric During the ‘Western Crisis’, June 1875 to April 1877”

 “A Place of Knowledge: Knowledge Production and the Oriental Institute”

 “The Computer and the Qur’ān: An Analysis and Appraisal”

 “Judging the Mahdī: Islamicate Interpretations of Muḥammad Aḥmad al-Mahdī and His Mahdiyya in the Sudan: 1881-1898”

 “From Ensi to Lugal: Lugalzagesi and the Foundations of Mesopotamian Imperialism”

 “Disquieted Voices: The Poetry Debut of Rivka Basman, 1949-1959”

 “Intellect and Soul, Reason and Religion: An Analysis of the Philosophies of Abū Nasr al-Fārābī and Abū Ya’qūb al-Sijistānī”

 “An Omani Renaissance: The Development of the Sultanate and the Building of National Identity under Sultan Qaboos”

 “On Nasser: Asserting Egyptian Nationalism through Educational Reforms”

 “Maʿārij Al-Ibdāʿ: Reading and Translating Ghassan Kanafani’s Earliest Stories”

 “Territorial Expansion in Northern Syria: A Look into the Politics of the Third Millennium”

 “Middle Arabic of the Chalcedonians and Theories of Language Diversification”

Social Science:

 “Flying Compliant: The Role of Islamic Finance in Gulf Aviation”

 “Hezbollah’s Islamic Health Unit: A GIS Analysis of Health Care in South Lebanon”

 “The Kurdistan Regional Government in U.S. Foreign Policy”

 “Portrait of the Artist as a Strange Man: Rhetorical Conquest in Guillaume-Joseph Grelot’s Travel Narratives”

 “The Unpaved Road to Iraq: An Analysis of the Economic Reconstruction of Iraq Post-2003”

 “Claiming Universal Sovereignty through the Power of Eternal God in the Mongol Submission Letters and Rashīd al-Dīn”

 “The Brief Experiment: Political Liberalization and the Constitutional Monarchical System in Jordan, 1952-1957”

 “Criminalization of Dé-jeûneurs in Morocco”

 “The Idea and the Sword: The Religious Justifications and Textual Lineage of the Islamic State Beheadings”

 “Deconstructing the Paradox City: Tehran Between Islam and Modernity”