Faculty Publications

Hussein Agrama

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University of Chicago Press, 2012

Orit Bashkin

New Babylonians

Stanford University Press, 2012

Persis Berlekamp

Wonder, Image, & Cosmos in Medieval Islam

Yale University Press, 2011

Fred Donner

Muhammad and the Believers at the Origin of Islam

Belknap Press, 2010

Ahmed El Shamsy

The Canonization of Islamic Law: A Social and Intellectual History

Cambridge University Press, 2013

Walter Kaegi

Muslim Expansion and Byzantine Collapse in North Africa

Cambridge University Press, 2010

Hakan Karateke

Legitimizing the Order: The Ottoman Rhetoric of State Power (Edited with Maurus Reinkowski)

Brill, 2005

Franklin Lewis

Rumi Past and Present, East and West: The Life, Teachings, and Poetry of Jalal el-Din Rumi

Oneworld Publications, 2007

Tahera Qutbuddin

Al-mu'ayyad Al-shirazi And Fatimid Da'wa Poetry: A Case Of Commitment In Classical Arabic Literature

Brill, 2005

Na'ama Rokem

Prosaic Conditions: Heinrich Heine and the Spaces of Zionist Literature

Northwestern University Press, 2013

A. Holly Shissler

Between Two Empires: Ahmed Agaoglu and the New Turkey

I.B. Tauris, 2003

Paul Walker

The Caliph of Cairo: Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, 996-1021

The American University in Cairo Press, 2012.

Lisa Wedeen

Peripheral Visions: Publics, Power, and Performance in Yemen

University of Chicago Press, 2008

John Woods

The Aqquyunlu: Clan, Confederation, Empire

University of Utah Press, 1999